Located in Testaccio, the 20th rione (district) of Rome, Stazione di Posta joins an exceptional history with a unique location. Born from the conversion of Campo Boario, the area of the cattle market during the Roman period, Stazione di Posta is part of Città dell’Altra Economia  – Cae (City of Alternative Economics) a multi-functional center dedicated to environment, culture, food and social activities. The building is characterized by an architectural configuration which combines preservation of the original structure and creation of innovative solutions which, although separate, confront each other in a state of continuous interaction. Materials such as iron, used with structural and decorative function, cast iron pillars and columns and glass windows have been preserved according to the flexibility of the space and the principle of functionality.Stazione di Posta is a dynamic restaurant and Cocktail bar where high quality and affordable prices will benefit from each other’s challenges.