Osvaldo Licini

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Osvaldo Licini is the genius loci of Monte Vidon Corrado and his house, of imminent opening to the public after the restoration intervention, preserves in the furnishings, in the objects and in the clothes, which belonged to the artist, the intensity of a strong, deep life, voluntarily spent between those walls that overlook the winding hilly landscape dominated by an immense portion of sky.
The 18th century country house is structured on three levels: extremely suggestive is the wine cellar, where it is believed Licini held political meetings; on the second level there is the living area that also includes a large room where he kept his works; the kitchen, as well as the upstairs bathroom have, in the furnishings and in the organization of space, a highly modern character, probably dictated by the northern tastes of Nanny, the Swedish consort, also a painter.
Going up the stairs is like making a sort of “climb to the skies”: raising our gaze, towards the ceiling, we can admire the mural painting created by Licini in the early 1940s on the cold shades of blue and grey, in which sinuous lines evoke astral trajectories in a selenic space. On the third level there is the sleeping area and the Study with the easels, the paints, the desk encrusted with chromatic mixtures.
It is the most luminous floor, where many windows open onto the hilly landscape: looking out further through the glass, it is easy to recognize glimpses projected in the paintings. The bedroom is in a constructivist style, on the wall where the bed stands, there is an “archipittura” played out onto a white, triangular module, profiled in orange on a black background. These, preserved in the house, are the only wall paintings done by Licini.Monte Vidon Corrado, Fermo (Marche)
Opening Saturday 14th December
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